More Guinea Fowl Keets Hatching

After my run of bad luck with 2 of my guinea fowl being taken by a fox, the good news is that I have now got 7 new guinea fowl keets. I put 4 of them in the brooder this morning and as I was leaving for work one had just hatched off whilst two where struggling to get out of their shells.

Tonight when I arrived home the 4 in the brooder were doing well, as was the one that had just hatched out this morning. It has now joined the four and seems to be adapting well to the brooder. The other two keets still hadn’t got out of their shell this evening and I thought at first glance that they were dead, but my run of animal bad luck may just be behind me as they were both still alive. The parts of their body that had hatched out from this morning had gone fluffy but they were struggling to get the rest of the shell off. I decided that after a full day struggling to get out, they now needed a helping hand so I very carefully peeled back and cracked some more of the shell being careful not to remove too much as this can lead to keets bleeding to death, which luckily for me I have never experienced.

I popped the hatching keets back into the incubator and within minutes they were free of their egg shell. Only time will tell if they will survive but it’s looking good so far.

The rest of my adult guinea fowl flock are all still doing ok, probably because they have been kept inside today away from the clutches of the fox. The adults at this very moment in time do not like me because I have kept them in their hut today, like grounded teenagers.

I can tell you that tonight it was a struggle to enter the hut to add more feed and change the water as they all wanted to come out. I could have been crushed in the rush for the door but skillful handling of the door meant I could sneak in without letting any of the guinea flock escape to freedom and the fox! When I shut the door again and proceeded to lock up the hut for the night, the poultry started to pace up and down and Hatty even started squawking at me! My response was to reply, “There’s a fox on the loose so you can’t come out!” They were not impressed.

The ten guinea fowl keets that hatched off nearly five weeks ago are in an enclosed run in one of the barns so that they are safe from the fox, cats and the weather.

So in a hushed whisper I bid you goodnight and tell you that all is well on the guinea fowl front,(that is until tomorrow when the adult guineas and Hatty realise that they are not coming out for the second day running!)

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