School Gardening Club Plant Out Sunflowers

A few weeks ago the school gardening club planted sunflower seeds for a tallest sunflower competition. This Tuesday we planted out the sunflower seedlings in a flower bed on the back field. The seedlings are varying heights and the tall ones, when planted out, were abit straggly. We will have to get some canes to stake them in place and hope that they all grow nice and tall.

Sunflower Seedlings

Other news from the gardening club.

  • Some of the garlic plants are standing up tall and have gained strength in the last few weeks.

Growing Garlic

  • Over half term most of the lettuce has been eaten or wilted and died due to the hot weather, although a few of the lettuce have survived.

Growing Lettuce

  • The carrot seedlings are doing well and need to be transferred to deeper pots next week.

Carrot SeedlingsCarrot Seedlings

Check back in next week for more news from the school gardening gang.