Second Guinea Fowl Taken By Fox

Harriet the guinea fowl was the second victim to fall prey to the fox. When I went outside to round up all the guinea fowl and Hatty The Hen so that I could lock them in their hut safely, Diana was in the middle of the yard calling out to the other royal birds! Suddenly Charlie appeared and he was obviously searching for his trio of guinea hens. He flew onto the top of the wall and peered into the foldyard, but saw nothing but three heifers waiting to go to market.

I decided I would join in the search for Harriet and Camilla as Charlie and Diana headed in the other direction. Heading up the lane shouting for the two female guineas, I feared that more of my flock had fallen prey to the vicious vixen.

I was momentarily relieved when I saw a somewhat wet and bedraggled Camilla running up the lane towards me. Camilla must have been in the ditch because her feathers were soaked – she was obviously distressed and running for her life calling out for Charlie. In a matter of moments following Camilla’s reappearance, Charlie flew across the lawn and into the lane. Whilst Charlie, Camilla and Diana gathered together, my search continued for Harriet. I hoped that she would reappear any minute, waddling up the lane after Camilla. She did not.

Widening my search, I headed into the neighbouring field that the royal quartet like to frequent. I was shouting Harriet’s name at the top of my voice. I’m not sure what the neighbour’s would make of this scene – but all I could think about was finding Harriet. After an unsuccessful hunt along the hedgerow I headed back to the lane when a flash of grey caught my eye to the right of the field entrance. Upon investigation I discovered my second pile of guinea fowl feathers in less than a week. I have to say that tears welled up in my eyes as the realisation that Harriet had be taken by the fox. The second guinea fowl to fall prey to the vicious vixen in less that a week.

I will have to think very carefully about whether I let my poultry out tomorrow as I don’t want to lose my flock to the fox.

If anyone has any good ideas about how I can protect my flock from the fox then I would be very pleased to hear from you.