Taming Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea fowl keets are often described as skittish and wild, but with lots of time and patience they can be tamed.

 Guinea Fowl KeetsGuinea Fowl Keet

Taming guinea fowl keets requires;

  • Lots of time – frequent and daily contact is needed.
  • Daily contact with the keets – frequently handling, feeding, playing and talking to the keets throughout the day.
  • Frequent handling of the keets – at least 3 times a day.

Hand Feeding Keets

  • Hand feeding the keets – placing chick crumbs or lettuce on your hand and letting the keets eat from the hand.
  • Letting the keets associate you with feeding – call the keets when you want to feed them and then let the keets feed from your hand.
  • Time to play with the keets – handle the keets gently, let them get used to your hands and being picked up or stroked.
  • Voice recognition – keets and guinea fowl will respond to a familiar voice or command such as “Come on.” My guinea fowl free range during the day and are put in a poultry hut at night. When I want to get them in at night I call them by saying, “Come on, come on” and they will head towards the hut, even if I can’t see the younger adults they will appear and head towards me.