The Combine Harvester Song – The Wurzels

A few days after I posted my declaration that The Combine Harvester song by The Wurzels is my favourite farming song, I read a post by Tim @ Rural Life calling for readers to make The Wurzel’s number one again. I read Tim’s article with great delight and now await The Wurzel’s revival.

The Combine Harvester song not only has great lyrics, a catchy tune, a farming theme but brings back special memories of my wedding day. This was the first song played after our first dance. The DJ said that he had never had a request for The Wurzels at the start of the evening reception before. There’s always a first time!

We wanted to “combine” the fact that a teacher and a farmer were getting married so being a resourceful teacher I had a cardboard cut out combine harvester and tractor made which we danced along with. I even put on my wellies under the wedding dress and managed to leave a trail of authentic farm mud across the dancefloor as we danced to The Combine Harvester song. We had a great time, dancing to a great song.

Click on this link for more information about The Wurzel’s gigs for 2007.

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