Two Saddleback Gilts

For ages now I have been saying that I would like to have more animals to look after. I have dreams of the good life. For those of you who have watched the British programme called The Good Life, my husband thinks I am more like Margo than Barbara!

Anyway I have shown my determination and commitment to the poultry and cats that I  look after and now it looks like my animal husbandry skills are extending to pigs.

I have had an offer to buy a couple of Saddleback gilts and having checked with our neighbour and the rest of the family to see if it is ok for me to have a couple of pigs, it looks like I could be in possession of the pigs in the next few weeks if the paperwork allows for it.

In preparation for the pigs, my mum and dad came over on Sunday and dad helped Steve to cut a hole in the part of the barn that had previously been used to store grain. This is no longer needed as we now have a brand new grain store. All we need to do now to our new pigsty is build a wall to separate the two pigs and add a door to the pig area. Sounds easy – but I know the reality is alot of hard work!

I have ordered a couple of books on pig keeping to get me going – they haven’t arrived yet and it wouldn’t surprise me if the pigs didn’t arrive before the books!

Anyway if all goes well I should be the proud owner of a couple of Saddleback gilts. I’m not going to think of any names for the girls until they arrive. I don’t want to tempt fate and it would be good to see what their personalities are like so that I can come up with a fitting name.

If anyone has any advice about keeping a couple of pigs or keeping and breeding Saddlebacks then please feel free to leave a comment.

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