A Calf Is Born

On Thursday night another charolais calf was born in one of the fields that hasn’t flooded. By 5am on Friday morning the weather was not good and the rain was again pelting down. Steve and I decided (at 5am!) to move the cow and calf into the barn at the other farm.

We drove the landrover and trailer into the field and was immediately surrounded by cows. What amazes me about the cattle is that they don’t like getting into the trailer yet they are fascinated by it when it drives into an open field.

I can’t say that I enjoy being up close to the cows. I prefer to have a nice safe and secure feeding trough and gate between me and the cattle. But no such luck. My job was to keep the rest of the cattle from getting inside the trailer whilst Steve walked the cow and calf in – rather him than me! I did a pretty good job if I say so myself and the cow and calf went in without a hitch.

As we drove back across the field the cattle took great delight in running along side the landrover. I had to drive the vehicle through the gate but at least there was very little traffic on the road at that time of the morning.

When we arrived back at the other farm and opened up the trailer, the calf was happily AND noisily suckling. It was a great sight to behold, but unfortunately I did not have my camera.

I am pleased to say that the calf is now doing very well in the warm, dry barn.

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