A Farming Friends Logic Puzzle

I really enjoy working out logic puzzles so I thought I would have a go at creating one about Farming Friends.

Read the following clues and work out which visitor saw which animal in different parts of the farm which are not the animals usual home.

  1. Pat and her family all visit the Farming Friends farm to see the animals but the animals where not in their usual places. During the visit Pat spotted the cat which was not in the stye.
  2. Stuart wanted to collect some eggs but didn’t see any guinea fowl in the guinea run.
  3. George entered the farmhouse andwas pleased that she didn’t see the pig when it escaped.
  4. Luke spotted the hen but it was not in the poultry hut.
  5. Alan usually likes to watch the cow calving in the foldyard but was surprised to see a different animal and it was not the guinea fowl.

Having read the clues can you now work out which visitor saw which animal in which place? Please note that there are 5 visitors, 5 animals and 5 places. 

Good luck and have fun.