Cookery Gifts From My Husband

My husband went out shopping the other day and came back with lots of things for himself and a present for me.

I was told to close me eyes and hold my hands out and with only a little trepidation I did so. A carrier bag was placed in my hands. I opened my eyes to find not one but two gifts within the bag.

The first was a lovely set of cookery cards by Gordon Ramsay. The cards are all delicious dessert so I can’t wait to get my teeth into them.

The second gift was also linked to cookery and Gordon Ramsay. It was Gordon Ramsay’s Sunday Lunch And Other Recipes From The F Word cookery book.

These are the perfect gifts for me as I love desserts and need to experiment more with a different range of easy desserts and being a farmer’s wife everyday is a Sunday lunch day, so any new ideas for the good old roast are much appreciated.

Thanks Stephen for these great gifts – what a thoughtful surprise.