Harvesting Beetroot

On Saturday I harvested the previously flooded beetroot and pickled it for the produce show which is in two weeks time.

Although the beetroot my family planted when they came to stay in May was submerged in flood water for a week, it has managed to survive. Not only has it survived, but it’s thrived.

Previously Flooded Beetroot

So on Saturday I decided to harvest three of the plants and pickle the beetroot for the produce show.

Harvested Beetroot

When beetroot is ready to harvest you will be able to see the root vegetable sticking out of the ground. When you think that the beetroot is a good size just loosen the soil around the root and gently pull up the beetroot. Shake off any excess soil on the roots and chop the leaves off.

Only harvest the required amount of beetroot as this is a vegetable that can stay in the ground until you are ready to harvest.

If you too want to have a successful beetroot harvest then follow the growing advice provided by TopVeg.

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