Harvesting Garlic

My veg garden was recently flooded but when the water subsided the onions and garlic could still be seen standing.

Having read the article about When Is Garlic Ready To Harvest? by TopVeg I thought I would check out my garlic and see if it had survived the floods and was ready to harvest.

As TopVeg states, “It is time to lift the garlic if the two harvesting criteria are met:

  • leaves are dying off
  • bulbs are swelling.”

I couldn’t tell if the bulbs were swelling on my garlic plants but the leaves were certainly dying off. As the garlic had been sitting in water for a week I didn’t really think I had anything to loose if I lifted the garlic and it wasn’t ready.

Harvested Garlic

I am pleased to report that some of the garlic is ready and the garlic bulb heads have swollen and enlarged to form cloves of garlic. Some of the garlic had started to go rotten and this is a result of the flooding.

The harvested garlic is now drying as recommended by TopVeg.

Drying Garlic Bulbs

I look forward to putting my harvested garlic to culinary use.

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