Interblog Leek Growing Project

Last week I received some leek plants in the post from my kind friends over at TopVeg. They had read about the flooding of my veg garden and how alot of my vegetables have rotted away due to the flood water. Their generosity saw me receiving 20 leek plants in the post.

Following their expert leek planting advice I planted the 20 leek plants in my now dry veg garden. When transplanting leeks, TopVeg state that, “A hole is made 15cm deep using a dibber…. the seedling is gently placed in the hole, so that it is straight BUT do not fill the hole in with soil…fill the hole with water, but only put in enough water to fill the hole once…the holes will gradually fill up themselves, without any help from the gardener.” I followed this advice (although I have to say I was anxious about not filling the holes with soil and was very tempted to knock the soil into the holes but I didn’t as TopVeg always give great growing advice) and what can I say TopVeg was right – a week later the holes have filled up and 18 of the leek plants are standing tall and proud.

A Leek From TopVeg Planted Out

All I need to do now is deweed the row of leeks as the weeds seem to be growing extra quick with all this rain we keep getting.

Thanks TopVeg for the leeks – I will keep you all updated with their growth.

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