June 2007 Photograph Caption Competition

Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Caption Competition – Winning Caption Announced

June's Farming Friends Foto Caption Competition “What’s that you’ve found Camilla?”“A second ago it belonged to that bullock over there. Poor thing didn’t stand a chance. Whatever you do, don’t let Steve trick you into looking the other way!”

“S Q U A W K ! ! ! ! !”

“Hey Charles! Wait for me…..”

The winning caption was sent in by N Neary, who is now the proud owner of this photograph. So well done N. Neary!

Farming Friends would also like to thank the following for their captions:

  • Sue – “One for you”, “One for me”
  • Elizabeth – “One potato, two potato……..No it’s an apple and there’s only one!”
  • Fred – “Eeny, meany, miny mo…..!”
  • Patricia – “Ready, steady, go!”
  • Alan – “What are you waiting for?” Guinea One said to Guinea Two. ”What are you waiting for?” Guinea Two replied.
  • Georgina – “‘When I blow the whistle just peck it,’ shouted Sara the farming referee!”

Click on this link for details of this month’s Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Caption Competition.

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