Newspaper And Straw As Mulch

Today I planted some radish seeds and transplanted some broccoli and beetroot that had survived the flood. After digging the ground and planting the seeds and seedlings, I decided to mulch around the potato ducts that I am using to protect me plants from wildbirds, my poultry and my cats. The weeds grow pretty quick in my garden and after reading an article by My Grandpas Garden and TopVeg I was convinced that I had the solution. Both recommend using newspaper with straw on top because not only will this keep the weeds at bay but will also help reduce the need for frequent watering. I think this is a great idea as I have plenty of newspaper and straw and anything that will help get rid of the weeds in my garden and reduce the amount of time I spend watering the plants when it is sunny is excellent in my book. Thanks Michelle and TopVeg, I now have three rows of veggies surrounded by newspaper and straw mulch.