Produce Show Preparations

It is just under two weeks to the village produce show and as I am now on the committee I felt that I should offer my help. The offer was accepted in the form of delivering reminder leaflets to the residents of the village. I have to say that this job was reminiscent of having a paper round in my teens. Dodging barking dogs, wrestling with difficult letter boxes and struggling to open gates were memories that quickly came flooding back as I trekked around the village carrying the pile of leaflets that never seemed to go down!

One thing that I don’t recall from my newspaper delivering days was the high security intercom at the gate. This high tech security system is installed at a number of gates in our village. I made an executive decision that on a Saturday afternoon these security conscious residents would not want to be disturbed with a reminder of the village produce show so they did not receive a leaflet.

This year is the 18th annual village produce show and my third show. I did really well with my entries last year and even won a trophy for the arts and crafts section. I had better get preparing my entries for this years show as I would like to win a trophy again. Will post later how my show preparations are coming along.