Results Of Second Guinea Fowl Incubation

I incubated 19 eggs in total which had been stored for up to 3 days. The incubation results are as follows:

  • 5 keets hatched out unaided.
  • 2 keet hatched with assistance.
  • 4 eggs had fully formed keets but shell not pipped.
  • 2 eggs had an embryo which had died in the early stages.
  • 6 eggs infertile.

Seven keets were taken from the incubator but only six are still alive. It is impossible to tell if the keet which died was the one that was assisted with it’s hatching.

Results of Fertility And Hatchability

  • 32% of the eggs were infertile.
  • 68% of the eggs were fertile.
  • 54% hatchability.
  • 37% of total eggs hatched out.

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