Saddleback Pigs Arrive On The Farm

On Sunday I became the proud owner of two British Saddleback pigs. They are gilts which means, for those of you who may not know, that they are females that are yet to have piglets. I am hoping that they will have piglets which I can help to rear.

The pigs belonged to one of our friendly neighbours, where I had previously got my lovely Leghorn hens from.

We collected the pigs from the other end of the village and brought them home around teatime on Sunday. The journey in the trailer was only short and the gilts didn’t seem to mind.

The new pig home, a converted grain store, was ready and awaiting the arrival of the black and white striped pigs.

Loading the pigs to bring them to our farm went without a hitch so we could guess that the unloading at our end would be fraught with mishap, but I was wrong. The girls headed out of the trailer and up the step into the barn without a problem. They practically trotted into the new pig “stye”.

With lots of straw on the ground for bedding, a bucket full of feed and a trough full of water the pigs were set for their new life on the farmingfriends farm. So after a root about in the straw, a few slurps of water and a munch on the food, the two pigs soon settled into their new home. So much so that when I popped out to check on them a little later, the saddleback gilts were snoring and probably blissfully dreaming of more food.

I am so pleased that the pigs have settled in and I look forward to many adventures with my two new girls.