School Gardening Club Update

Yesterday lunchtime the school gardening club met and worked hard on a number of jobs.

We planted out the carrots that had germinated but did not have enough compost to grow large carrots. I have been advised that carrots do not like being transplanted so we will have to see how these plants get on. TopVeg said, “Carrots cannot be planted easily, because they have a tap-root. If the tap-root is damaged by transplanting, the carrots become phangy, and slow growing.” It will certainly be a learning experience for the children, whatever happens to the carrots.

The sunflowers that we transplanted a few weeks ago are doing well. Fourteen sunflowers have survived the elements. The children helped to stake them so that as they grow the plants will not fall over. We measured the tallest and found that the two tallest have grown to a height of 64 and 68cm. The children were thrilled that the sunflowers are growing, although it remains to be seen whether they will flower before the end of term which is next week!

Although we have had bouts of very hot weather and then periods of incessant rain, some of the lettuce has managed to survive. In fact we have 14 Little gem lettuces which have not been eaten by the birds or the slugs. I think I will get the children to sample this lettuce next week. I think I will do a taste comparison between a shop bought Little gem lettuce and our school grown lettuces.

We planted our garlic bulbs in the front of a border near the school field as we do not yet have a designated vegetable gardening area. This planting location has not been ideal and some of the garlic plants seem to have disappeared but we do have about 20 that look ok. Children learn both from the gardening successes and the gardening failures so we are not too disappointed about the garlic.

Next week will be our last school gardening club for this academic year – so watch this space for the final update and news of the lettuce tasting.  

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