Seven Random Garden Facts

Last week Michelle from My Grandpa’s Garden tagged me for the seven random garden facts about me. I was very surprised and pleased that Michelle had thought of me as it was the first time that I had been tagged. I have spent the last week contemplating what random gardening facts I can share with you all so here goes.

I have decided to give you a tour of my garden stopping off at seven key features or areas of my garden – so I hope you like the tour.

1) The beautiful rose archway leads us into my garden. We inherited the rose from my husband’s Grandma who loved roses and had lots of varieties growing all over her garden which we have been lucky enough to inherit. I am not sure what variety this rose is, but what I do know is that it is very beautiful with it’s full blooms.

2) My wooden seated arch is a great place to sit both for me and the cats. On a sunny morning I can enter the garden to find up to five cats sitting on the seat basking in the early morning sun. I like to sit on the seat and watch the wildlife getting on with life around me. My clever dad made this seat, so thanks dad, I love it!

3) The wooden reindeer garden ornament resides in our orchard all year long. The reindeer was made for me by my husband as a Christmas gift a couple of years ago and is the perfect gift. As villagers walk up and down the lane they will often admire my reindeer and Stephen now has orders for more reindeers.

4) The large conifer tree stands tall and proud at the front of the house and is a magnificent tree. Unfortunately it was planted quite close to the house and the roots are too close to the pipes that run from the house to the septic tank. This beloved old tree may have to be removed at some point, but whilst it still lives in my garden I intend to admire it all I can.

5) The underground well in the garden is no longer used. We discovered it 2 years ago and found out that the person who had filled it in was my husband’s father! We think that at some point in the future we might add lights to it and cover it with reinforced glass so that it becomes a feature.

6) The memorial Christmas tree is an important feature as it evokes a number of memories. The Christmas tree itself was the first Christmas tree that Stephen and I shared during our first Christmas together. We have planted it here on the farm so that the tree lives on and the memories of that first Christmas will always be close by. It is now also a memorial tree as my two beloved cats Tigger and Go-cat are buried at the foot of the tree. When I visit the tree I can remember my two lovely happy go lucky cats that were taken from me early in their lives.

7) The final garden area I would like to share is the lit up brick path that borders the vegetable garden. My husband and dad worked hard to build the brick path and my Grandma bought me the lights so that when I make my journey to the poultry huts during the dark Winter nights I will be able to see where I am going. Thanks Gran and thanks Dad and Steve for the great path.

Well that’s the end of the tour and the seven garden facts. I hope that you have enjoyed this random tour of my garden as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

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