The Sunflower – Helianthus

A Small Sunflower

The latin name for the sunflower is the helianthus.

The Sunflower & The Bee

The sunflower is a Summer flowering annual plant.

The Sunflower Seedhead

The flowers on the sunflower are yellow plate like flowers with many yellow petals, although some varieties have flowers with shades of both red and yellow on them.

Ruby Eclipse Sunflowers

The helianthus usually flowers from July – September.

The Emerging Sunflower

The sunflower has large, green, heart shaped leaves and is reknowned for how tall it grows.

Sunflower Yet To Emerge

Different varieties of sunflowers grow to different heights ranging from 2-10ft.

The Traditional Sunflower

The sunflower can be planted in any type of soil in a sunny position.

The Sunflower

Once the plant has flowered, seeds can be collected and then planted in April.

  1. Beautiful images! I have never had much luck with good-looking sunflowers. Mine always seem to look like big yellow weeds!

    Comment by Moe – July 17, 2007 @ 1:24 pm

  2. Hi Moe,
    Thanks for your complimentary comment. I think that the key to good looking sunflowers is planting them early in the season. I planted my row of sunflowers at 2 different times and the ones planted earlier are tall and have full flower heads but the ones planted later are smaller.
    Hope this helps.
    Sara @ farmingfriends

    Comment by Sara @ Farming Friends – July 17, 2007 @ 6:21 pm