White Keet Hatches Out

This weekend another batch of eggs hatched and what a surprise I had when I peered into the incubator (for the millionth time!) and saw a white keet.

I’ve never expected to have a white keet as my guinea fowl are all lavender or pearl grey. However when I sent the six eggs to The Cottage Smallholder, one of their five keets was completely white. Fiona has now named her white keet Lightning.

I had never seen this happen to my eggs before so I was amazed when this weekend a white keet hatched out from my incubated eggs and here is the keet in question.

Day Old White Guinea Fowl KeetDay Old White Guinea Fowl Keet

I am now going to have to think of a name for this keet because whether it is male or female is immaterial, I am going to keep this keet regardless of gender. Any name suggestions for the white keet would be great and don’t forget to place your vote for naming my pigs. Thanks.

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