Farming Phrases

As I am relatively new to farming (having only married a farmer 3 and a half years ago) I have had to get used to the farming phrases that are used in association with the daily or seasonal activities on the farming.

Here are some of the farming terms that I have had to learn and understand.

  • Feeding up – to feed the cattle.
  • In bulling – the cow has been served by the bull.
  • Leading bales – bringing the bales from the field into the yard.
  • Out to grass – cattle have been taken to the grass fields for the Summer months.
  • Grading potatoes – checking the potatoes to remove rotten, mis-shapen, over-sized, undersized potatoes as well as mud, weeds and stones.
  • Leading corn –  bringing the grain from the fields after it has been combined.

You might know some more. I would be interested to hear what they are so just leave a comment. If you want to make it really hard for me then just leave the phrase and I’ll see if I can guess what it means!

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