Guinea Fowl Keets Pasting Up

Pasting up on keets is when the keets droppings get attached to the vent area which if not dealt with can quickly form into large clumps. If the clumps are not removed the keets will not be able to pass their droppings from their body and this can result in the keets dying.

Pasting Up On A Guinea Fowl Keet
Pasting Up On A Guinea Fowl Keet

Three of the nine guinea fowl keets from the last hatch became pasted up and although I removed the attached clumps from the three keets, only two of the keets have survived. I feel so sorry for this poor little keet.

It is very important to regularly check the keet’s vents are not pasting up and re check once clump are removed that the pasting up does not recurr. I have found that if you do not remove all of the droppings then the pasting up often returns.

Signs to look out for.

  • Droppings attached to the vent.
  • Keet walking uncomfortably.
  • Droopy and tired looking keets.
  • Smaller body size in comparison to keets of the same age.
  • Wings becoming too big for body size.
  • Keet pecking at vent area.

Pasting up can be fatal so it is important to be vigilant not only in the first few weeks but for the first six weeks of the keets life.

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