Hatty And Guinea Fowl Chased By Dogs

Yesterday my guinea fowl and Hatty the hen were chased by dogs. By the time I arrived on the scene, as I had been recuperating in bed from a 24 hour sickness bug, 26 free ranging guinea fowl and Hatty the hen were scattered all over the farmyard.

An hour later all the guinea fowl were back and accounted for, but there was no sign of Hatty. Fortunately only one of the guinea fowl was injured. When I found him he was crouched behind some grass and was petrified. I believe that he had been pinned to the floor by one of the dogs which has resulted in a slightly bald patch on his back!

Once all the guinea fowl were in their huts for the evening I was able to concentrate on looking for Hatty. Although some people might think that Hatty is just a hen, I don’t. She was the first hen I ever had and because she is a laying hen I have given her a name and she is really my pet. Over the three years that I have had Hatty she has brought me and my family immense joy. My 3 year old nephew Luke has even adopted Hatty as a birthday gift and whenever he sees a white hen or a white egg he will mention Hatty the hen.

Round and round the farmyard I searched and shouted for Hatty. I looked in the hedgerows to see if she was hiding. My fear was that she had been injured and I couldn’t help her. It wasn’t looking good as I had even found some white feathers in the farmyard that looked just like Hatty’s.

By 7pm Hatty had still not returned and so I had resigned myself to the fact that if she had not returned by the morning, Hatty had been lost to the dogs. In a melancholy mood I began to think about what Hatty was doing the last time I saw her that morning. My thoughts were interrupted when Steve rushed in to say that Hatty was well and not a feather harmed. He had found her sitting on top of the forklift. I dashed out to check for myself and was relieved to see she was ok. A good end to the day.

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