July 2007 Photograph Caption Competition

Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Caption Competition – Winning Caption Announced

July 2007 Photograph Caption Competition 

“Before my wife went on the Atkin’s Diet, we looked like the number ‘10!’”

The winning caption was sent in by BoggyWoggy, who will soon be the proud owner of this photograph (it has to be sent to Oregon!). So well done BoggyWoggy!

Farming Friends would also like to thank the following for their captions:

  • TopVeg – “The 2 water ghosts – is one a mermaid?”
  • N Neary – “NEWS FLASH”
    Local ‘commoner’ catches two giant aliens relieving themselves on farmland!
  • N Neary – “ Yeh, okay. But I bet you can’t keep a fruit pastille in your mouth without chewing it?”

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