Pig Names Chosen

I have had my Saddleback gilts now for nearly a month so it is time to name them.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the name the pigs poll.

In just 14 days 24 readers voted for their favourite names from the suggestions made by some of my regular readers.

I am pleased to announce that the winning names are Cagney and Lacy which were suggested by Diane, so a big thank you to Diane and all the readers who voted for these names.

Cagney and Lacy – Winning Names

  • Cagney and Lacy were names suggested by Diane.
  • These names received 8 votes = 33% of all votes.

Flotsam and Jetsam

  • Flotsam and Jetsam were names suggested by Fiona.
  • These names received 6 votes = 25% of all votes.

Apple and Sauce

  • Apple and Sauce were names suggested by Leanne.
  • These names received 4 votes = 17% of all votes.

Mild and Bitter

  • Mild and Bitter were names suggested by John.
  • These names received 4 votes = 17% of all votes.

Little and Large

  • Little and Large were names suggested by Cyn.
  • These names received 2 votes = 8% of all votes.

Without further ado let me introduce…………Lacy and Cagney the pigs..

Here is Cagney………Cagney the pig and Lacy………Lacy the Pig.