Produce Show Entries 2007

On Saturday it is the village produce show and last year I won lots of prizes so I would like to do so again this year.

I have just read the entry form and have now decided which entries I will put forward.

Possible Entries For The Village Produce Show 2007

The Vegetable Section

  • 4 carrots with tops x2.
  • 3 red beets with tops x2.
  • 3 potatoes x1.
  • 1courgette x1.
  • 1 garlic x1.

The Flowers Section

  • 1 rose x2.
  • 1 sunflower in vase x1.
  • 4 pansies x2.
  • Best scented rose x1.
  • Vase of mixed garden flowers x2.

Flower Arrangement Section

  • Arrangement using fruit and flowers x1.
  • Ladies buttonhole x2.
  • Arrangement using foliage x1.
  • Flowers in an unusual container x1.
  • Decorated hat x2.
  • A small table arrangement using a candle x1.

Cookery Section

  • 3 jam tarts x2.
  • 1 bread loaf x1.
  • 1 saucer apple pie x1.
  • 3 butterfly buns x2.
  • Victoria Sandwich x1.


  • Jar of pickles x1.
  • 6 eggs x2.

Arts & Crafts Section

  • Oil/Pastel/Watercolour Painting x2.
  • Photography – Landscape x2.
  • Photography – Farming Life x2.
  • Photography – Flowers or nature x2.
  • Photography – Family Fun x2.
  • Photography – Weather x2.
  • Photography – Bielby scene x2.

This should keep me busy preparing all these entries. I will let you know if I get them all ready and how I do. Keep your fingers crossed for me – last year I was the overall winner of the arts and crafts section so I would like to take the trophy home again.

Let me know if you have entered any produce in your local village show, fair or fete – I would be interested to know how you got on.