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 Sunflower grown from own seedMarigold grown from own seedAquilegia grown from own seed

Last year I started collecting seeds from my garden and have successfully grown sunflowers, marigolds and aquilegia from my own seeds. Over the last couple of weeks I have been busy collecting more seeds.

Purple AquilegiaPink AquilegiaWhite flowered dianthus.Light Blue Nigella


Candelabra Primrose.PolyanthusPansy - ViolaSunflower

I have collected the seeds of the following plants;

  • Aquilegia (latin name) – Columbine. Purple and Pink varieties.
  • Dianthus (latin name) – Rockery pink. White variety.
  • Nigella (latin name) – Love in a mist. Light blue variety.
  • Primula japonica (latin name) – Candelabra Primrose. Yellow variety.
  • Primula variabilis (latin name) – Polyanthus.Yellow and red varieties.
  • Viola (latin name) – Pansy. Mixed colours.
  • Helianthus (latin name) – Sunflower. Yellow and ruby eclipse.

Homemade Seed PacketHomemade Seed Packet

Last year I started to make my own seed packets so that I could give the seeds I collected as gifts to friends and family. This year I am going to take part in a gardenbloggers seed exchange so I will be very busy making my homemade seed packets.


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