Seed Exchange Forum

Although I started seed collecting last year, I have recently been re-inspired by Colleen over at In The Garden Online who has come up with the idea of garden bloggers exchanging seeds they collect from the plants and flowers in their gardens. Colleen has been very busy and has created a fantastic seed exchange forum which is currently set up for gardenbloggers in the US, Canada and the UK who wish to exchange seeds.

Gardenbloggers Seed Exchange

I think exchanging seeds is a great idea but the problem is I live in the UK and Colleen lives in Michigan which makes seed swopping difficult due to the laws on exchanging seeds between countries. Colleen and I would therefore like to hear from anyone both in the UK and abroad who would also be interested in joining Colleen’s Gardenblogger seed exchange. So if you are interested register your interest at the seed exchange forum now and start exchanging seeds today. I look forward to exchanging seeds with any UK gardenbloggers, so let me know when you have registered.

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