Small White / Cabbage White Butterfly

Cabbage White Butterfly

Latin Name: Pieris rapae

Description:  The Small White butterfly has white wings. The upperside of the wing has one black or grey spot on it’s forewing for the male and two for the female. There is also a black or grey patch on the tip of the forewing.

Size: The wingspan on the Small White is approximately 40-55mm.

Habitat: Meadows, gardens, hedgerows, allotments, parks, grassland and wasteland are home to the Small White butterfly.

Food: The Small White butterfly feeds on nectar particularly on plants with white flowers and the caterpillars feed on brassicas and garlic mustard.

Distribution: This species of butterfly can be found throughout the UK.

Months Seen: The Small White butterfly can be seen between April and October.

Did You Know?

  • The Small White butterfly is commonly referred to as the Cabbage White.
  • This butterfly is related to the Large White butterfly.
  • The caterpillars are bright green with tiny black speckles and covered with fine hairs.

Small White caterpillar eggs

  • The Small White caterpillar’s eggs are laid singly and gradually turn yellow.

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