Wall Brown Butterfly

Wall Brown Butterfly

Latin Name: Lasiommata megera

Description: The Wall Brown butterfly has orange wings with a brown border and brown markings on the wing. Near the tip of the forewings the Wall Brown has a prominent eye spot with an arc of 3 or 4 eye spots on the hindwing. The underside of the wing is a brown colour which acts as a camouflage when resting on rocks and stones.

Size: The Wall Brown has a forewing span of up to 50mm.

Habitat: The Wall Brown can be found in rough grassland, country lanes, roadside verges, grassy orchards, dis-used quarries, coastal regions and shrubberies.

Food: The Wall Brown Butterfly feeds on nectar and the Wall Brown caterpillar feeds on grasses.

Distribution: Wall Brown butterflies are found in North Africa, the Middle East and most of Europe with the exception of Northern Scandinavia.

Months Seen: This butterfly can usually be seen between March and October.

Did You Know?

  • The Wall Brown butterfly likes to settle on rocks and walls.
  • This butterfly has declined in numbers in central Britain and Northern Ireland.