Where Do Butterflies Go At Night?

I was recently asked the question Where Do Butterflies Go At Night? by TopVeg. This is an excellent question.

Where Do Butterflies Go At Night?

Butterflies roost and sleep;

  • In garden buildings.
  • On or in tree trunks.
  • On the underside of leaves.
  • Under dense leaves.
  • In crevices in walls.
  • In crevices in between rocks.
  • Under the overhang of houses.
  • Hanging on bushes and shrubs.
  • Under rocks.
  • In garages.

These are the same places that butterflies go to shelter from the rain.

Thanks TopVeg for this excellent question.

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  1. Thanks,we just saw our first ever MONARCH butterfly emerge.It is beautiful.Was on a flower where I put it for several hours,now it has flown to our roof edge

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