Chocolate And Courgette Cake

I love chocolate and I love courgettes, but not at the same time I hear you cry! Actually yes! I found a recipe for chocolate and courgette cake over at Pumpkin Soup ages ago and decided to try it at the weekend.

As I mixed the ingredients together I was a bit dubious as to how the cake would turn out.

Clare said, “Worry not, it’s worth continuing.” So continue I did.

And boy was it worth continuing. The cake looked and smelt delicious when it came out of the oven, but that was nothing compared to the taste.

The verdict – delicious, moist, rich, chocolatey, crunchy topping and without a hint of courgette.

I had my first slice on it’s own, second with custard and third with ice-cream.

I would highly recommend this cake. It was easy to prepare and tastes scrumptious. Thanks Clare for sharing this recipe.