Friesians Move In Next Door

Friesian cattle have moved into the grass field next door to our farmhouse. This field does not belong to us and has been a grass field this year with the exception of the flood in June when it became a lake.

Flooded Field

Last week the friesian cattle that our neighbour’s raise moved into the field. I love to see friesians with their beautiful black and white bodies ambling on by. From the hall and living room windows in our house, I can see these beautiful cows. I felt someone watching me the other night before it got dark and when I looked up it was a couple of the friesians staring into our house.

Friesian cattle grazing in the early morning mist.

They can often be seen outside our house as we have cattle in our fold yard now and the friesians like to taunt our cattle with the fact that they are grazing in the grassy field whilst our cattle have eaten all the grass in the paddock and back field and have had to come in for the Winter. As you can imagine, our cattle are not very happy and the moos from the fold yard let us know that they wish to be grazing on the grass like the friesians.

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