Guest Appearance – Busman’s Holiday By Louise

I recently visited This Is My Patch – a lovely website that records the sights, sounds and events in Louise’s “patch” in West Sussex. We have regularly been commenting on each other’s sites and I was delighted when I received an email entitled farming story from Louise. Excitedly I opened the email to reveal the bold heading –A memory from a holiday spent down in Cornwall in the 1970’s. So if you are sitting comfortably I will transport you back to the 1970’s for a Busman’s Holiday

…..when I was a kid my family and I went down to Cornwall to stay in a self catering cottage which happened to be on a dairy farm.  It was early evening and there was a knock on the door, standing there was the owner who explained that he was having trouble with delivering a calf; as my dad was a pig farmer and had delivered many a piglet, he was able to help out with emergency assistance.  As my dad ended up delivering the calf ‘single handed’, the owner, to show his gratitude named the lovely little steer, Steve, after my brother! … a memory I shall never forget.

Busman’s Holiday by Louise from This Is My Patch.

If you have a farming story that you would like to share then please send me your story and I will happily include it on a guest appearance post.