Guest Appearance – Milk Cow On The Farm By Curtis

Curtis @ Growing Thumbs has been gardening for almost 20 years and his website is full of gardening tips and tricks he has learnt along the way. We have become blogpals via comments left on each other’s sites and I recently learnt that Curtis lives near his grandparent’s farm and thought that he might have some interesting farm memories that he could share with us. He does and he has, so if you are sitting comfortably then Curtis will tell you about the………milk cow on the farm. 

When I was about 8 or so my Grandmother bought a Jersey milk cow so she could have her own milk. Lucky for me and my parents, we lived next door so more milk and cream for us.

At first getting used to this milk was difficult. This stuff was full bodied with a little cream still in. Once we got used to it, drinking milk at the school or while out tasted strange and thinned out. My Grandma had enough milk that she sold it along with butter. Butter talk about work!

At this time she had chickens making eggs for us and to sell. I remember them buying the chicks there were 100s of them.

Milking a cow is no easy task. Milking is one thing. Having to milk in the morning and evening day in and day out is something else. When the cow had a calf you had to milk her some for the calf which we hand fed and the rest for the dogs and cats. Because there is a certain period after giving birth when the milk will not be any good for human consumption. I think it was six weeks then.

After my Grandparents going through nearly two milk cows and all the work that came with it. They sold the last one. Again going back to store bought milk. A change that took time to get used to it. But now when I do drink milk, it’s skim milk.

So the next time you go out and buy a gallon of milk or other dairy product. Remember there was a lot of work put in it.

Milk Cow On The Farm By Curtis @ Growing Thumbs

If you have a farming story, memory or farm visit that you would like to share then please send me your story and I will happily include it on a guest appearance post.