Hatty The Hen

Hatty the hen is my White Leghorn chicken. She is about 3 years old and she was given to me by one of our kind neighbours along with Hetty in 2004. Unfortunately Hetty is no longer with us but Hatty has befriended the flock of guinea fowl and when she isn’t finding somewhere new to lay her white eggs, she can be seen running around the farm yard with Charlie, Camilla and Diana the guinea fowl.


Here is a video clip of Hatty pecking her way across the garden.

Hatty The Hen By Nicki Aged 7At a family gathering recently, my niece thrust a piece of paper in my hand saying that this was Hatty the hen. Not only has this lovely hen touched my heart but that of my niece too. Here is the lovely picture my niece drew. I love this drawing.

Now having looked at the photographs and video clip of Hatty, I challenge you to have a go at drawing Hatty the hen. I would love to see your pictures so take a photo of your drawing or scan it into your computer and email the Hatty portrait over to me with your name and age, if a child has drawn the picture. Here is my attempt!

Hatty The Hen By Sara I’m sure you can all do better, so pick up that pencil, crayon, chalk or paint today and create a Hatty portrait!

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