Homegrown Tomatoes

My tomatoes have not been successful this year as the flood in June ruined alot of my vegetable plants. Some of the tomato plants that I have grown from seed got a tomato disease and the others that managed to survive were never transferred to growing bags.

So when I looked at the remnants of the tomato plants I was surprised to find a tiny crop of cherry tomatoes.

Homegrown Cherry Tomatoes

Carol @ May Dreams Gardens has a ritual of finding the tiniest ripe tomato and placing it on a throne before photographing the tomato for her website. This year, Carol’s tomato was the size of a nickel. I think that I have found a tiny ripe tomato in my garden that may just be smaller.

farmingfriends tiniest tomato 2007

My tomato is the size of the new 5p which is smaller than a penny and I think possibly smaller than a nickel. Thanks for the inspiration Carol, I will be on the look out for the tiniest tomato in my garden next year!


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