How The Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots

How The Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots Book

How The Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots is a delightful picture story book for children. It is, “A Swahili tale of friendship retold and illustrated by Barbara Knutson.”

The characters in the story are Nganga the guinea fowl, her “big friend” the cow and the lion.

As the story unfolds, not only does the reader learn how Nganga, the guinea fowl, got her spots but also how friendship is important.

The pictures are beautifully illustrated and help the reader to identify with the characters.

This is a lovely, endearing story of friendship. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has small children.

The story can be shared with small children who will enjoy listening to the story and looking at the beautiful illustrations. The book can also be shared with children to help develop their reading skills.

I bought this book recently from Amazon as I was drawn to it because I love guinea fowl. It only cost £4.99. I will certainly be buying further copies that I can give as a gift to friend’s with young children.

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How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots: Swahili Tale of Friendship (Multicultural Tales)




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