MF 35 (23C) Engine Rebuild DVD

My husband and brother-in-law have just produced an engine rebuild DVD for the MF 35 (23C) which is an excellent DVD for the vintage tractor enthusiast.

MF35 (23C) Engine Rebuild DVD Image

Dismantling and rebuilding a tractor engine can be a daunting task for most people. With this DVD anyone can undertake an engine repair with the confidence of achieving a high quality result. The Vintage Tractor Engineer (my brother-in-law) chronicles each step of the engine rebuild on a 1959 Massey Ferguson 35 with the 4 cylinder Standard Motor Company 23C diesel engine. Ian shows us how to dismantle the engine, measure and assess the engine parts for wear and then guides the viewer through the rebuild.

The film begins with a rusty old tractor with a smoking and clattering engine. Viewers see a quality restoration before the finished machine is put to work in the field – a nostalgic moment for anyone who has worked with one of these tractors.

MF35 Clutch MF35 Injection Pump Drive MF35 wiring MF35 Oil Pump Assessment Piston and Connecting Rod From MF35

Close-up camera shots provide crystal clear detail which you can freeze frame, rewind and watch all the intricate procedures over and over again. Anyone can undertake specific repairs or a full engine rebuild after watching this DVD, it’s like having the mechanic in the workshop with you!  The film contains all the necessary information to complete any individual repairs such as replacing the cylinder head gasket, timing the engine, assessing and refurbishing the oil pump, clutch set-up and adjustment, fitting a new wiring loom etc. 

This DVD includes:

  • The unrestored tractor
  • Splitting engine and transmission
  • Safe clutch removal
  • Safe cylinder head removal
  • Removing pistons
  • Removing liners
  • Fitting pistons
  • Assessing pistons and liners
  • Assessing crankshaft, camshaft and bearings
  • Timing, sprocket alignment and chain tensioner
  • Setting valve gap clearances
  • Injection pump timing and backlash
  • Oil pump assessment and refurbishment
  • Replacing cylinder head, including tightening the set screws
  • Clutch set-up and adjustment
  • Bleeding off and starting
  • The restored tractor back in the field

This DVD is not only of interest to those who are going to undertake their own engine rebuild, but also enthusiasts who are interested to see the internal engine components of this tractor, how to assess these components and the methods used to carry out the repairs.

Click on this link to buy your copy of the MF 35 (23C) Engine Rebuild DVD at Vintage Tractor Engineer.