Photo Hunt: Theme Original

This week’s Photo Hunt Theme is original and I have decided to share some of my original art work which I really like. This original art work has an Autumnal feel to it.

Original Artwork: Autumnal Leaves in chalk pastel.Original Artwork: Autumnal Leaves in oil pastel.

If you would like to create Autumnal art like this, then go out and collect a variety of different coloured leaves. Lay the leaves out with different colours overlapping each other and re-arrange until you are happy with the combination. Then place a viewfinder (piece of paper with a large square cut out of the centre) over the top and tape into position. Draw or paint the arrangement of leaves that can be seen within the viewfinder.

I really like this artwork and I am particularly proud of the Autumnal Leaves in chalk pastel. Which of the two original artwork do you prefer?

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