Photograph Of The Month Competition – August’s Winner

The winner of the Farming Friends “Foto” of the Month Competition for August is Teresa.

Photograph of the Month Competition Winner - August

This photograph was taken by Teresa in a small village in Northern Germany in August 2007 a few hours after the farmer had finished rolling the bales. Well Done Teresa – a farmingfriends gift will be sent to you shortly.


Farming Friends would also like to thank the following for their entries: 

Roe Deer In Wheat FieldThis photograph was taken by Sally from Sunk Island in July 2007. Can you spot the roe deer in the wheat field?



Deliberations - This photograph was taken by Helen from Sunk Island in July 2007 and the farmer’s are deliberating about what they are going to do with this land that was flooded.



This photograph was taken by Dave from Warkworth in June 2007 and he wants a brand new combine harvester!



Hello Cow!This photograph was taken by Teresa in North Germany in August 2007 and the milking cow greeted Teresa whilst she was walking through the valley with a “Good Moo-ning!”


Picnic basket in fieldThis photograph was taken by Teresa in North Germany in August 2007 and anyone for a picnic as the farmer seems to have disappeared!


Cow ViewingThis photograph was taken by Alice in Australia last Spring. Her family are viewing the cows or are the cows viewing the humans?!



Hugo And Hamish the llamas.This photograph was taken in the Spring by Virginia from Herefordshire. It is of her two 3 year old llamas called Hugo and Hamish.



A gaggle of geese.This photograph taken in the Spring by Virginia from Herefordshire and this gaggle of geese don’t look like a rabble! The three geese at the back are Brecon Buffs following the white goose who clearly thinks that it is in charge!


If you like taking photographs then why not enter our Farming Friends ‘Foto’ Of The Month Competition for September.

The photographs need to have a farming theme and can include the farming landscape, farm animals, farm machinery, farming life or nature and wildlife on and around a farm.

Send your photographs by email keeping the photograph attachment to a size of about 600 x 400 pixels.

Please supply some details about the photograph – the name of the person who took the photograph, when and where it was taken and what is happening in the photograph.

Click on this link for details of this month’s Farming Friends ‘Foto’ of the Month Competition.