Rats And Poultry

 One rat on the move.

Rats can be a problem when keeping poultry because; 

  • Rats are attracted by the poultry food.
  • Rodents are opportunistic eaters.
  • Rats are attracted by the water as well as the food.
  • Rats and mice will burrow their way under the housing.
  • Rodents like to hide under piles of straw or deep litter.
  • Yesterday morning I noticed a hole had been made at the edge of one of the guinea fowl huts and when I looked inside I noticed lots of mud where an animal had obviously been digging.

    I decided to move the guinea fowl hut to a fresh piece of land and bricked round the edge of the hut to make burrowing under the hut a little more difficult.

    When I returned to the poultry area at 6pm to get the poultry into their huts, a sudden movement caught my eye. Three rats kept popping out from the hedgerow and dashing across to the area where the hut had previously been located. Now they didn’t need to do any digging to get at the layers pellets that the guinea fowl had scratched out of their feeder. These opportunistic eaters had seen an opportunity for some easy food and didn’t seem put off by my presence nor I might add the presence of my cats!

    One rat on the look out for food.Two rats on the look out for food.One rat on the move.A rat eating.A rat on the run.

    My next job will be to remove the spilt layers pellets so that the rats are not encouraged to stay near the poultry hut. Click on this link for information about rodent control.

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