Signs Of Foot And Mouth Disease In Sheep

The Foot And Mouth Disease that plagued the UK back in 2001 is back in the UK and with a number of FMD cases identified in the last few months it is important that everyone knows what signs to look out for.

“Foot and mouth disease is an infectious disease affecting cloven-hoofed animals, in particular cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and deer.” Defra.

Signs of Foot And Mouth Disease In Sheep

  • Sudden, severe lameness.
  • Lies down frequently and is very unwilling to rise.
  • When made to rise stands in a half-crouching position, with hind legs brought well forward.
  • Reluctant to move.
  • Blisters may be found on the hoof where the horn joins the skin which may extend all round the coronet and in the cleft of the foot. When they burst the horn is separated from the tissues underneath, and hair round the hoof may appear damp.
  • Blisters may appear on the dental pad and sometimes the tongue.
  • Fatigue in young lambs.
  • Higher rate of lamb mortality and abortions.
  • Ewes unwilling to allow lambs to suckle.

Source: Defra.

For more detailed information visit the Defra website.

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