Tractor Driving Lessons

I am currently learning to drive the tractor with the silage feeder attached so that I can help to feed the cattle silage when they are in the fold yard.

MF TractorSilage Feeder

This is the tractor I am learning to drive and here is the tractor with the silage feeder attached.

When you have not been brought up on a farm and are not used to driving an tractor, being asked to drive a tractor and operate machinery on the back of the tractor can be difficult. Well it is for me!

I have had a couple of lessons so far and I think that I can now remember what buttons to press and which switches to move. The only trouble I am having is driving the tractor at the same time as operating the silage feeder as I have to look behind me inorder to work the silage feeder and then my feet can’t reach the tractor peddles as I stretch behind!!! At first I also found it difficult to reverse the tractor with the silage feeder on the back but I am beginning to master this.

After two lessons my husband doesn’t think I am quite ready to drive the tractor alone, so at least silaging the cattle is one job I don’t have to do morning and night. Well at least for the moment!!!

Can you remember the first time you drove a tractor or do you have any interesting stories to tell about when you learnt to drive a tractor or operate some farm machinery?


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  1. Hey!
    I’m 16 and me and my father have ‘done up’ an Old ferguson Ted20.
    Now im old enough i want to learn to drive it.
    but i cant find any where in leicestershire that do tractor lessons, As funny as it sounds we dont live on a farm but do live in the country side.
    Can you help?

  2. Hi, I am learning how to drive a tractor too since I am helping my father in the farm. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You encouraged me that I can do it as well.

  3. I need to get more experience in driving tractors and maintaining them before I go for a park warden job. I was hoping i you have any courses come up that I coudl join in with.

  4. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for getting in touch with farmingfriends.

    Happy birthday for November! Good luck with the tractor driving lessons. I did a google search and don’t know if this link is of use to you.

    I have added your enquiry to my farmingfriends forum to see if any of the members know of anything.

    Let us know how you get on and again happy birthday.
    Kind regards
    sara @ farmingfriends

  5. hi i am 15 but 16 in november and i am wondering if you could help me find out where i could get tractor lessons i live in somerset. thanks

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