Bottle Feeding A Calf

Last night I bottle fed a calf for the first time. What a wonderful experience it was. The calf was hungry and sucked on the bottle well, greedily drinking the milk without a problem.

The calf is being bottle fed as it is not able to stand on it’s own and therefore cannot go to it’s mother to suckle the milk from her.

The calf is large and has problems with it’s back right leg being a little weak and it’s front legs being bent under at the feet so that it isn’t able to stand independently.

The calf was born on Tuesday night and has yet to feed from the cow. We will continue to bottle feed it until it’s legs improve and it is able to stand on it’s own.

Although I wish the calf was able to get up and feed independently, bottle feeding this calf has given me the opportunity to get up close to the calf which is a fantastic experience. The calf is a white charolais bull-calf and he is beautiful with a soft coat of white hair which I was able to stroke as I bottle fed him.

Whilst I was feeding the calf last night we had tethered up the cow and being a little nervous of these large beasts when up close with them I kept asking my husband if she could get free.

“Oh no she can’t get free,” he assured me. How wrong was he, as I was climbing back over the gate the cow got free. Well you’ve never seen a farmer’s wife move so quick. I made it over the gate before the cow came at me and I can tell you it was a great relief to be at the safe side of the gate. Maybe next time I’ll just watch from a safe distance!

Have you ever had to escape from an animal? This reminds me of the time I had to escape from the runaway bullock.