Bottle Feeding An Injured Calf

Calf With Injured LegTwo weeks ago a calf was born which was unable to stand on it’s own. This has meant that the calf has been unable to suckle from the cow and has had to be bottle fed.

My father-in-law has been milking the cow regularly and then transferring the cows milk to the bottle. We have a special calf teat for the bottle so that the calf can suck comfortably on the bottle.

Calf BottleCalf Bottle and Teat

In addition to the cows milk, we have been giving the calf extra milk made from special calf milk powder.

Although the calf has a weak back leg and until today has struggled to stand independently, the calf has been feeding well and is steadily getting stronger.

This morning the calf was standing in the field without the aid of a human. Now we just need to get the calf to continue to do this and then feed from the cow on it’s own.

I’ll let you know how the calf gets on.