Charolais Calf Born But Struggling To Stand And Feed

At teatime on Tuesday, a charolais calf was born. It is a very large calf as the cow has been out to grass this Summer and this has increased the size of the calf. The calf is very large and is struggling to stand and therefore feed.

Usually a healthy calf will stand fairly quickly and start suckling. This calf did not do this so the farmer’s had to give the calf some milk. It is now Thursday and the calf has still not stood on it’s own. We are still hand feeding the calf milk and hope that it will stand on it’s own soon. One of it’s back legs appears a little weaker which may have something to do with why it is yet to stand.

Calf With Injured LegI will let you know what happens with this calf if there are developments. Here’s hoping that the calf stands and starts suckling soon.

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