Corn Dollies

What Is A Corn Dolly?

A corn dolly is a dolly made from a small bundle of wheat. It is traditionally made from the last ears of wheat to be cut.

How To Make A Corn Dolly

Materials And Equipment Needed

  • A small bundle of wheat with the ears intact.
  • String – any colour.
  • Scissors.
  • Paints and paint brush or felt-tips.
  • Fabric or dolls clothes.


  1. Tie the bundle of wheat under the ears to form the hair.
  2. Make a face by tying string around the bundle a bit lower down than the first tie.
  3. Separate the bundle of wheat into 3 sections at the neck, making sure that the middle section (the body) is thicker and the two outer sections (the arms) are thinner.
  4. On the arm sections, tie some string half way up the bundle and then cut the excess wheat off.
  5. Tie string around the middle of the inner bundle to create a waist.
  6. Below the waist half the bundle to create the legs.
  7. Tie string around each leg section to create feet.
  8. Paint or draw with felt-tips a face onto the dolly.
  9. Dress the dolly in fabric or dolls clothes.


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