Guest Appearance – Shelburne Farm By Drew

Every Sunday I write a post linked to gardening and nature as part of Green Thumb Sunday and over the weeks I have visited lots of excellent sites, learnt many gardening facts and viewed stunning photography that has left me inspired. One of the sites I visit every week and am in awe of is The BenSpark website. Drew is an amazing photographer who also replies to everyone of my comments personally which I appreciate very much. On a recent visit to Drew’s site I read about a trip he made to Shelburne Farm and found the photographs made me feel like I was part of the farm tour too. Read on to find out exactly what Drew got up to on the farm…….

I went to Shelburne Farm in Stow, Ma recently. It was partly for apple picking and partly for photowalking. You may be familiar with the picking of apples but the activity of photowalking might not be mainstream, yet. Photowalking is the act of going out, preferably with a group of people to take a walk around an area and take photos. That is the activity, taking photos. Whether it be in an ordinary place or at a fair or at a fun location, you can photograph anywhere and it is a good time.   

Shelburne Farm offers photowalkers and lovers of fresh fruit a plethora of activity. For the photowalker an Apple Orchard is a great place to shoot. Apples make good subjects and the beautiful day outside makes for great light. Mix in kids enjoying apples and you have the opportunity to take great portraits of families at play. For those into fruit and veggies an Apple Orchard is the best place to get our fruit and veggies because you picked the apples and know that they are fresh. 

At Shelburne farm there are many activities for kids. There is the hay maze and pyramid, the john deer tricycle tractors and a moon bounce. They even have a sandbox and a large tractor on display that they can sit on for photos. The farm has many varieties of apples as well as peaches, there are some more fruit varieties but you can check that out on the website. I was there to take photos. Sorry, it is what I do, I take a photo each day for my blog The BenSpark and I have been field testing a great device called the GiSTEQ PhotoTrackr to help me automatically geotag my photos.  I can then play the whole trip back through Google Earth; it is a fun program and a great product that never leaves my camera bag.

The farm has a farm stand and store where they make up old fashioned apple cinnamon donuts as well as cider, cheese, and various other items. They also sell some spinach squares and hot dogs for lunches. They also have candied apples, pumpkin pie, apple pie, kettle corn and other goodies. The area around the store is nice for families to sit and enjoy the day. Overall for a $14.00 bag of apples you get a wonderful day with the family and if you take your camera, many memories for years to come.

Shelburne Farm MapThe Scarecrow StandA Pile Of PumpkinsApples And BlossomA ScarecrowRusty Old TractorJohn Deere TricycleA Scarecrow

Click on this link to view all Drew’s Shelburne Farm Photographs – they are well worth a view.

Shelburne Farm By Drew From The BenSpark.

If you have a farming story, memory or farm visit that you would like to share then please send me your story and I will happily include it on a guest appearance post.